Over the years, television distribution has changed dramatically. Today, we have access to a multitude of ways of receiving entertainment, whether that be through traditional services such as terrestrial and satellite, or more recent additions like Internet and networks.

Most of us enjoy television-based viewing but have no idea of how it works or where to begin. That is why PayTV offer a full distribution service to cater for the varying needs of our clients. The most common delivery models are:
- Satellite (via Dish)
- Terrestrial (via Cable, IP and DTT)
- Internet (via Broadband and Fibre)

We have been involved in small installations of a simple dish and receiver box, to large scale properties with 10+ television distribution, all the way up to complexed installs including yacht commissions with motorised satellite domes and cable routing! No job is too small or large, we've seen them all, yet every job is unique.

We offer a wide range of solutions, either as a one-off installation, all the way through to property system maintenance and ongoing support (through our hosting model). These are just some of the key services we provide:
- Satellite dish installation
- Aerial installation
- Entertainment packages (Hosting)
- Cable networking (Ethernet, HDMI, Fibre)
- Servers (Cisco, Dell etc)
- CCTV and Security
- Ongoing maintenance / Property system management

As the way we work and live constantly evolves, so do our viewing habits. If you would like access to this ever changing landscape, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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