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Who owns the equipment purchased or rented?
We sell official television distribution equipment suitable for accessing a wide range of television services. The majority of these products are sold on a one-off basis and remain the property of PayTV Ltd until paid in full. In the instances where we 'rent' equipment as part of a maintenance and installation service (through our service model), PayTV Ltd remain the owner of such property at all times (in accordance with individual contract agreed prior).

What does your annual fee cover? ('Management Fee')
Your annual payment covers you for access to our Service. We maintain your account, including host address, plus all support requests you may have, including payment changes, package upgrades/downgrades and general help.

What does your monthly fee cover? ('Service Fee')
Your monthly payment covers the packages themselves. Payment is made to us directly to maintain continuity of service and remain your single point of contact. Note that One-off 'exclusive' events/packages are excluded and charged per order. Please contact us for pricing.

Who is your payment provider?
We use Stripe to process all client payments including both monthly ('service') and annual ('management') fees. Stripe are a world leading payment gateway offering security and reliability. All payment card information is encrypted and we only have sight of the card type, last 4 digits and expiry date. We are PCI DSS compliant. Requests for payment or card information will always be handled via secure link from either stripe.com or paytv.co.uk

What do I need to do at annual renewal time?
1. If you wish to continue with your existing service, do nothing, we will attempt to take payment on your renewal date from your assigned payment card. Payment will show on your statement with an appropriate description so you know it is us. If you require an invoice, please let us know after your renewal date.
2. If you would prefer to *cancel your existing service, contact us via email prior to your renewal date and we'll take care of the rest (we have a standard 31 day cancellation policy). Please note that should you cancel, we may require you to return part of your service order (we will discuss this with you at the time).

*In all cirumstances where we do not hear from you, and your renewal has expired by more than 14 days, we'll automatically process a cancellation with the required notice period of 31 days. Re-instating a service after this time may incur further delays, so we recommend keeping us updated where possible.

Important information
I. By renewing your service with us, you are not signing up for a further 12 month contract. You may cancel your service through us at any point (with the standard 31 day cancellation policy). Please be aware that your renewal payment cannot be refunded after our '30 day cooling off period'.
II. Please note that, according to our terms and conditions, whilst we supply all services to Europe (through official authorised accounts), we expressly draw the following to your attention: We cannot exclude the possibility that, although contrary to our expectations, we may cancel individual services, citing the terms and conditions referred to. If we cancel your service within 30 days of renewal, we will refund your money. After 30 days we cannot be held liable for providing refunds as it's not something we have control over, but we will offer a replacement. We are not liable for any loss of access during this time. Please also note that should we decide at any point to replace services, we have the right to charge a 'fair' fee for the administration and delivery of such services.
III. Service package prices are subject to change without notice. We will notify you of such price changes as soon as possible but always within 30 days.

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